Friday, August 17, 2012

A windfall for sure

A windfall for sure.  On my dog walk to Recreation Park, I was able to score a lot of eucalyptus that had fallen from the trees.  But trying to manage three dogs, bundles of eucalyptus, and a little baggie of you know what is a feat in itself!  In India Flint's workshop she had advised us to choose windfalls over wild harvest and a windfall is what if got for sure.

 Wrapping my bundles with eucalyptus and onion skins

 Securing the bundles with string.

 This bundle I rolled around a stick.  Added a rock to weigh it down in the dye pot.

 My fragrant dye pot.

 The steam and smell of eucalyptus is heavenly and opens up the sinuses. 

I'm so pleased with the results of my eco dyeing.  

Creating this eco dyed nuno felted scarf is a windfall for sure.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hand Dyed and Nuno Felted Vests

Planning and executing a nuno felted vest:

I dyed the silk a combo of yellow and orange.  I cut out a simple vest pattern using one pattern piece that will be seamed at the shoulders.  I laid out wool roving on the silk and then added recycled fabrics, old ties, silk hankies, vintage sari ribbons, and hand dyed silks.

Finished vest. 

Here's the next vest I did.  I started with some silk that I shibori dyed a few colors of green.  I cut out the silk using the same vest pattern which I tweaked a bit.  I laid out wool roving on the silk and then added various fabrics.  

This vest is so fun and so tactile.  It can be worn so many ways too.  Upside down, inside out, tied, really has a life of it's own.  It goes so well with my new chartreuse top that I just bought in Healdsburg during our summer trip to the wine country, where among other things, I had a blast canoeing down the Russian River with Joe, my brother Alan, sister-in-law Nancy and all our dogs.  Best dinner ever at a little restaurant called Scopa.  Hard to find the little place since the sign is almost non existent but it's right on the square.  You'll need reservations for sure.  

  This vest is a keeper and it is extra special since it includes a piece of the tie that my late husband Pete wore for our wedding.  Now I will be able to wear that near my heart.  

The Amazing India Flint

India Flint
I was so fortunate to be able to participate in the three day workshop with India Flint at Grau Haus in Hollywood.  Claudia Grau has been devouring India's books for years and when she found out that India's Santa Barbara workshop was already full, Claudia contacted India about doing a class in LA.  Well the dogs were with us (an India phase) and so it came to pass.  And what an experience it was.  India is an amazing woman who's lived all over the world but hails from the land down under. Her web site describes her as "maker of marks, forest wanderer & tumbleweed, stargazer & stitcher, botanical alchemist & string twiner, working traveller, dreamer, writer and aspiring sax player".  She definitely lives and breathes her art. 

The magical alchemy of eco dyeing with eucalyptus, onion skins, veggies, bark and other eco friendly elements.  And as an added bonus we basked in the fabulous scent and fragrance of steaming eucalyptus.  

Always time for tea.  Tea shown with some of the eucalyptus we used for dyeing.

No, it's not a wonton or spring roll.  It's my silk bundle wrapped with plants and other organic material.  That bead on the top marked it as mine. 

The amazing India Flint describing something.  She's wearing one of her eco dyed dresses. 

Claudia Grau and her sister (standing) along with Claudia's assistant Leah.  Thank you Claudia for putting this workshop together.

Hand dyed with purple carrots and their tops.

More magical alchemy below.  Can't wait to try it at home.

India Flint and Claudia Grau

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