Sunday, February 8, 2015

Kiss Me Kate

Kate is such a doll and is a naturally gorgeous modeling my nuno felted high collar shawl.  Kate works at Scratch Bakery which is a local Long Beach favorite American Patisserie where everything is made, as the namesake states, from scratch.  Our weekly Sunday routine is to walk there with the three dogs and enjoy a patisserie and coffee before heading to the lagoon or beach where the dogs can run and play off leash.  Besides the human confections, Scratch makes homemade doggie treats.  So our dogs love the place as much as we do.  

This reversible nuno felted poncho was made on a resist with no seams and no sewing.  I sandwiched one layer of roving between two layers of silk.  The fist layer of silk was one piece of animal print silk.  I then added a few embellishments and then then mainly black roving but burgundy in a few places.  More silk fabric was added on top of the roving.  
Work in progress.

Kate wears it so well and this poncho is perfect for the transition from winter to spring.  Great for the cool mornings and evenings.  Dress it up or down and wear it as shown or with the animal print on the outside.  Fun, fun, fun and cozy and comfy too.

All wrapped Up

Spring is certainly in the air on this February day and nothing could be better to wear than an ocean inspired nuno felted reversible wrap.  It's enough to keep me warm but beachy and breezy too.


 A glorious day exploring the lagoon with my three dogs Juma, Tucker and Oliver who love having the chance to run leash free along the shore.  Tucker and Oliver are terrific swimmers but Juma will only brave the water to get his paws wet.  I can barely wait for summer when I too will again take the plunge into the clean, cool, green, inviting water.

Juma, my five year old male Ridgeback met an 8 month old female Ridgeback today and boy did they hit it off.  It was love at first site.  Both will be back soon for their second date.
 This shawl is reversible and made with fine merino roving and hand dyed silks.  I used lots of inclusions including pearls, sequins and beach glass.  A hand made double sided green beach glass "button" keeps the shawl closed.

 The reverse side is just as fun and shows off the various dyed ocean colored silks.

Tucker and Oliver are having a blast in the water.

Lots of life, interesting moss, pelicans, herons, shells and rocks.  I love it here.  It's my weekly solace.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Making of a Seamless Nuno Felted Hoodie

This nuno felted seamless vest hoodie is reversible.  It's reminiscent of the sea with the greens and blues and is perfect for transitioning from winter drabs to spring colors.  

I used acid dyes and the microwave dyeing technique to dye white silk gauze, some yarn, cocoons and tussah silk.  These silks were used on one side of the vest and a vintage sari on the reverse side.  Merino roving was sandwiched between the two silk layers to make this nuno felted hoodie vest with lots of surface design.  In my stash, I pulled out two of my very favorite buttons that I bought years ago at the Paris flea market.  I sewed them on the center front of the vest and made hand made threaded button holes on both sides of the vest. 

Work in progress.

Lots of surface design.

 Free motion sewing was used to embellish the felted craters. 

Friday, December 26, 2014

I've Got the Blues

I'm feeling the blues...oh and the turquoises too.  After months and months of blacks and grays, I'm in to blues which is the hot or should I say cool color for spring. 

This shawl started off with a piece of white gauze and white roving.  On top of the white roving, I added cut up pieces of green and turquoise silks and inclusions with white silks on top.  I also added some stacks of roving covered with some white silk.  

After it was felted, I soaked it in vinegar and used acid dyes and the microwave method to first dye it a turquoise color.  After that, I rolled it in a stick and wrapped the bundle in string.  Back into the microwave in a baggy of deep blue dye.  I'm pleased with the results which look rich and textured.

 As usual these shawls can be worn inside out, upside down.  Make it your own look to enhance what you're wearing.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Rustic Elegance

Rustic elegance. This eco printed felted outfit is absolutely so fun and comfortable to wear.  The felted dress and vest are layered over leggings and a long sleeve tie dyed sheer tank.  A lattice scarf and hand warmers complete the felted the look.

All of the felted pieces started off with white merino roving
Wrapped in eucalyptus and other goodies

Three days in the pot

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