Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Nuno Felted Collage Vest with Prefelts

I love layering texture, pattern and color to create the four way nuno felted vest. It's one of my most fun felted garments to make. It is such a versatile piece and can be worn in so many ways from inside out to upside down.  It is the perfect accessory to take on a trip since you can create so many outfits and have it go from enhancing a jeans/tee shirt option to layering it over a dress.  I love wearing it with more color or even pattern on pattern.  Here I have layered it with a long sleeve and long turquoise tee shirt by Mezo. The bottom back of the tee shirt even enhances the Margilan silk hanging out the bottom of the vest.  

I invite you to scroll down to see the process from the dyeing of white wool roving and white Margilan silk to making prefelts and creating the vest.  At the bottom are more pics of the finished vest.

From white wool roving and silk fabric to these luscious colors, hand dyeing with acid dyes is fun, inexpensive and rewarding.  And with this method, you don't have to worry about accidentally fulling the wool.  For complete instructions CLICK HERE.

Create a prefelt by laying out two perpendicular layers of various colors of the dyed wool roving.  To some of the wool, I added exotic fibers and to other areas of the wool, I topped it with various fabrics.  Here I used an assorment of prints and strips in silk and cotton voile.

Laying out one side of the front first.  This side will be the left front which will tuck underneath the right front when wearing it right side out.
The vest is created by laying out silk fabric and topping it with one layer of various colors of acid dyed wool roving after which cut up pieces of silk fabric are layered on top.  Next the cut up prefelts, that I previously created, as well as commercial prefelts are collaged on top.

Working the second side of the front but protecting the side I already created with a thin sheet of plastic. 

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Chemers Gallery Holiday Faire - Dec 1st and 2nd, 2018

Hope to see you at the Chemers Gallery Holiday Artisan Faire At Enderle Center in Tustin, CA on Saturday 12/1 (my birthday) and/or Sunday,December 2 where I will showing my felted garments and accessories.  This will be my third year showing at this high end gallery show and sale and it not only a pleasure but a privilege too.

Below are just a few of the items that will be available at the Chemers Faire.


This 4 1/2 minute slideshow reveals the transformation from white wool and silk fabric to the beautifully rich, unique nuno felted garments made in the five day workshop.

This workshop was so much fun and such a learning experience for all. Thank you Glennis Dolce for teaching shibori and indigo dyeing,  And thank you to all the awesome women who attended and made this workshop such a rewarding joy; it was a pleasure to instruct and share together. And a big shout out and thank you to the American Legion Post 295 - Cypress, California for hosting us. 

This was the piece I demonstrated in the workshop.  It is a seamless nuno felted garment created with white merino wool roving and various types of white silk.  In the workshop I ombre indigo dyed it from very light to medium blue after which I eco-printed the lighter part of the garment with eucalyptus leaves.  Here I am wearing it off the shoulder and below I'm wearing it tied with an eco-printed viscose infinity scarf, a long sleeve top that I indigo dyed in the workshop worn over the sleeveless linen top that I shibori stitched and indigo dyed (see it worn sleeveless further below).

I shibori stitched and indigo dyed some tired, old white linen clothes.  Now they have a new and exciting new life and will be proudly worn.

Students learned to make a sized up pattern to account for felting shrinkage, made a garment in white merino wool and silk fabric, learned eco-printing, shibori wrapping and indigo dyeing which was done not only on the felted garment but on yardage, existing clothing and more.  

Get outlines like this by using an iron blanket.  I made the iron blanket by dipping paper towels in a diluted mixture of rusty items, water and vinegar.  

Thank you ladies for making the workshop so rewarding.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Fiona Duthie Big Ink Felted Workshop on Whidbey Island

When I found out that Fiona Duthie was going to teach her Big Ink Felted Garment Workshop on Whidbey Island, Washington I was probably the first to enroll.  I am a huge fan of Fiona's having taken not only her absolutely fantastic on-line workshops but also had the opportunity to finally meet her and take a terific sumi ink workshop from her at the August 2017 Felter's Fling at Snow Farm, MA.  Fiona is not only one of the most, if not the most, talented and artistic felters in the world but also a kind, generous and patient person and instructor.  I feel blessed to know her and learn from her.

I too am blessed to have my guy Joe in my life and to be about the best pilot around.  I asked him if he would fly me from southern California to Whidbey Island, WA for the workshop.  Not only did he say yes, but suggested we make a vacation out of it and head as far as Tofino, British Columbia, a place that has been on my bucket list for quite a while. While there we stayed and throughly enjoyed the lovely, rustic, upscale Wickaninnish Inn, went bear watching and hiked a few miles to the ocean hot springs which is absolutely amazing.  

Fiona at Pacific NW School of Art on Whidbey Island
The workshop was four days of intense felting but very satisfying and inspiring and fun hanging out with Fiona and 12 other like minded experienced felters who came from as far as Ontario, Canada and as close as taking the ferry over from Port Townsend. 
Fiona taught us how to make a sized up pattern which involves some differences from what I teach in my workshops.  Good to have both tools in my box.  There were no restrictions on what we could make although we had to have the wool layout completely done by the end of the second day which was a challenge in itself especially with the long, wide dress I decided to make which hung over both sides of the two butted up tables.  

My wool matches my hair!
I love the zen of applying sumi ink to prefelt

My finished dress before the sumi ink was applied
My dress after the sumi ink was applied.  See my name on the bottom right.

After the felting workshop, Joe and I flew from Whidbey Island to Brasada Ranch in central Oregon for two nights.  We had the opportunity to swim in their indoor pool, go horseback riding and just kick back.  The setting was lovely and Joe captured some really cool photos of me modeling my new felted dress which I am absolutely thrilled with.  I know I will have many opportunities to wear this classy, comfortable dress that was made for me and by me.  It even has a tag with my name on the back!


I loved this which was on the path to the Tofino hot springs

Sunset at Tofino, BC


Blue Goose Inn B&B on Whidbey Island has the best breakfasts ever.  We stayed in this lovely place for five nights.

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