Sunday, June 4, 2017

Mendfulness - A Worn, Torn and Visibly Mended Nuno Felted Dress

Worn, torn and visibly mended - a sustainable nuno felted reversible dress created without seams using new and recycled silk and cotton fabrics and merino wool roving.  Waxed linen thread was used to stitch and create mendfulness.  Katrina Rodabaugh. wrote about Mendfulness:

We can be mindful. We can be mendful. We can do our very best to leave this fragile planet a little bit better than how we inherited it. 
Mendfulness is about being mindful about mending and repair, but also about being mindful about our relationship to fashion.
It’s about pausing to consider our consumer habits, getting clear on what clothes we like to wear and why, and also embracing wear and tear as a normal and even beautiful process.
It’s a shift from the fashion “trendmill” to make our wardrobe more personal and less perfect.
It’s about applying concepts of mindfulness to fashion

 This dress was created on a resist with two layers of silk, including silk with metal fibers, hand dyed silks and cotton fabrics sandwiched between one layer of super fine wool roving.  The fabrics are both new and upcycled from old clothing.  Pieces on the dress were purposely torn and hand stitched with waxed linen thread to create the feeling of mendfulness.