Sunday, July 26, 2015

Kimono Nuno Felted Vest - Cinnabar and Turquoise

This kimono style reversible seamless nuno felted vest was fun to make.  One side is less decorative that the other.  On the decorative side, I used various types of silks including burn-out with beads, metallic silk and vintage sari silks.  

 My work in progress including my own prefelts and yarn to embellish.

 I made a button using a cinnabar bead and glued on a button back using trusty E6000 Glue.  I then used bead thread to add semiprecious small beads, a coin and a hanging turquoise bead.  I sewed a blanket stick button hole on both sides of the vest.

 Back of the vest

 I embellished the corded closures with semi precious beads.

 This is the reverse side of the vest.