Friday, April 22, 2016

How to Make Felted Hand Warmers

I love how this scarf and the hand warmers, along with the red cowboy boots, so snazzily adorn this solid outfit.  Who wouldn't want to follow this gal where she's going!  

These seamless hand warmers and matching scarf are reminiscent of stained glass with uneven texture, stunning colors and black outlines. With five fingers exposed on each hand along with the textured colors, they also bring to mind the colorful, hillside towns of Italy's Cinque Terre.  They were made from several layers of black wool roving and a vintage sari along with other natural fibers.  

 I made the right and left at the same time using one resist and cut through the felt, to make two, once it was stabilized.

The matching scarf has cords that were formed by cutting in to the felt once it was stabilized. I rolled each cut portion on a bamboo sushi matt to form the cords.  I adorned the cords with both bronze and African beads.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Feeling Blue and Loving it!

This nuno felted seamless, reversible dress is light weight and not only gorgeous but oh so comfortable too.  It would be perfect for an elegant event, a wedding, or a romantic dinner for two at a table on the beach.  When the evening starts to cool down, just cover up with the coordinating shawl.  

 I created this nuno felted dress in white silk and superfine merino wool roving and dyed it afterwards in shades of blue.  I knitted the pearl bracelet in silver wire and added the pearls one at a time. The pearl necklace and earrings are also my designs and creations.

This short slideshow features my dog Juma with Bea modeling one of my newest felted creations along with my hand made jewelry.