Monday, August 27, 2012

Felted scarves for fall

Before you know it the heat of summer will be behind us as we approach the cool days of fall.  A good time to wear a heavier scarf to keep warm but still look stylish.  My new felted scarves are all that and more. Made with more roving than silk and filled with goodies including repurposed clothing, these scarves are a textile collage. I've been scouring my own closet, Goodwill and similar thrift stores for just the right pieces to give a new lease on life...feels so good and right to me.  And what a home I've found in these scarves for all my UFOs (unfinished knitting objects).  I just cut them up and felt them in.  This is so much fun.

Look for me at Grau Haus on Sunday October 21st where I'll be teaching another nuno felting scarf workshop.  The first one there was a huge success so I'm coming back for more.  To find out more, go to my 'Events' page.

Selecting my Material:  roving, silks, sari ribbons, tussah silk, repurposed clothing, etc.

Laying out my design.  I did two layers of wool roving and then added by goodies.

Finished scarf/shawl.  The drape is amazing and as usual, it can be worn in so many different ways.

A fun and colorful scarf made with one layer of wool roving and lots of goodies.

Another two layer scarf that will go with everything since it contains various shades of blacks, browns, grays.

My boy Oliver looking out the door.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Project Mah Jongg at the Skirball

I was mesmerized by a huge black and white photo of four beautiful, young women from the 1920's playing mah jongg in the water on a floating table.  They were decked out in the latest flapper style bathing suits and head gear and obviously throughly enjoying themselves.  Which is what I did today along with six other gals from my Thursday mah jongg group.  One of our gals, Bonnie had made us a two month advance reservation to play at the one and only table which was smack dead in the center of the Project Mah Jongg exhibt at the beautiful Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles.

An exhibit featuring aprons from the 50's, old boxes of jello and an old bakelite mah jongg set brought back fond memories of my mom playing with her friends while I dozed off to sleep to the safe and secure sounds of the tiles clacking and the ladies calling out as they threw down their bam, eight crack, soap, mah jongg!  

Five hours of playing mah jongg while enjoying the view of Los Angeles from the hills of the Skirball Center in the center of a mah jongg exhibit...amazing.  What an outstanding day we shared together, one that will be truly memorable.  

Kathi, Beth and Bonnie outside the Skirball Cultural Center in LA.
Bonnie and Kathi setting up.  In the background is the photograph of the ladies playing in the water on a floating table.
Old sets, cards and tiles on display
Washing the tiles 
Kathi, Lecia and Stephanie enjoying the warm breeze outside.

Our view for the day 
Lecia in thought
All smiles for Beth, Chai, Lecia and Bonnie
An outstanding time was had by all

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Amazing Nuno Felted Shawl

It's basically just a rectangle but the drape on it is amazing.  This nuno felted shawl can be wore like a jacket and kept closed with either a decorative pin or just by looping some of the dangles through one or more of the decorative holes.  Or keep it open, throw the sides over your shoulders, wear it inside out, upside down...whatever.  It is really an amazing little piece and looks great in however it might suit your mood or style.  It's made with wool roving and silk much of which was hand dyed by me.  

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Felted Samples

I decided to do some experimenting making samples using the same type of roving, fabric and ribbon but layering it differently.  Interesting variations and I like them all in different ways. Below is a pic of all three of the finished samples. They all started out as 8"x10" but all ended up differently.

For the first sample, I put down a thin layer of brown roving.  I then laid a second layer of roving perpendicular to the first; I did this one in alternating green and brown stripes.  On top of the second layer of roving, I added pieces of fabric, sari ribbon, and wool yarn.  I added a few very fine wisps of roving on top.

Voila...this is my finished sample.  It ended up about 5 1/2" x 7" which is about a 30% shrinkage factor in both the length and width.  I like the texture on this a lot.

For sample two, I put down a thin layer of brown roving.  On top of it I added pieces of fabric, sari ribbon, and wool yarn.  I then added a second layer of roving perpendicular to the first alternating green and orange.  This roving layer covered up all of the fabric and ribbon so I wasn't sure how it would look once it was felted but I was really pleased.

 Sample two felted.  Even though all of the fabric and ribbon was covered with the second layer of roving, this piece yielded some great texture and I love the effect.  This one shrunk the most and came out about 6"x6".

For sample three, I laid down a thin layer of brown roving.  I then laid a piece of green China silk on top of the whole roving layer.  On top of the silk, I added a second layer of roving perpendicular to the first; I did this one in alternating green and brown stripes.  On top of the second layer of roving, I added pieces of fabric, sari ribbon, and wool yarn.  I added a few very   thin wisps of roving on top.

Here is sample three felted.  Not as much texture as the other two samples but interesting none the less.  This one shrunk the least and came out 6"x 7.5".  This sample has the most layers since it has an extra layer of silk.

Fun stuff for sure.

Friday, August 17, 2012

A windfall for sure

A windfall for sure.  On my dog walk to Recreation Park, I was able to score a lot of eucalyptus that had fallen from the trees.  But trying to manage three dogs, bundles of eucalyptus, and a little baggie of you know what is a feat in itself!  In India Flint's workshop she had advised us to choose windfalls over wild harvest and a windfall is what if got for sure.

 Wrapping my bundles with eucalyptus and onion skins

 Securing the bundles with string.

 This bundle I rolled around a stick.  Added a rock to weigh it down in the dye pot.

 My fragrant dye pot.

 The steam and smell of eucalyptus is heavenly and opens up the sinuses. 

I'm so pleased with the results of my eco dyeing.  

Creating this eco dyed nuno felted scarf is a windfall for sure.