Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Hold Everything

I made this large bag using a resist and mainly Navajo Churro wool roving and bats. I placed 4 layers of wool on each side of the resist and on top of the second to the last and last layer, I added BFL curly locks, new and upcycled silk fabric and fiber. There is an inside pocket made using another resist. The handle is made from wool cords with it being thicker in the middle where it will lie on the shoulder with two thinner cords coming off of each side. It is attached at the side with adjustable knots that can make the purse hang shorter or longer.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Felted Vessel Class

 The felted vessel class was so much fun.  Everyone gathered round the table using the same size resist to construct a four layer vessel.  We all worked at the same pace which was perfect for this class.

 Decorating the top layer.

 Work in progress.

 Everyone pitched in and took a turn at rolling the big bundle that contained all of the resists. What a treat not to have to do all the rolling myself which is my least favorite part!

 What was most amazing was seeing all the different sizes and shapes that emerged from the same size resist.  And all so beautiful.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Red Rose Nuno Felted Vest

The inspiration for this nuno felted seamless vest came from an old silk scarf that I picked up in a thrift shop.  I was attracted to it because of the single red rose along with some cursive writing on the sheer silk. It felted in beautifully.

 I used a resist to make the seamless vest. I started my layout with the inside of the back.  Then did the inside of the front, the outside of the front and flipped it over to finish the outside of the back.

Showing both fronts of this reversible vest.

I used some old silk velvet that I had dyed red years ago.  Unfortunately some of it didn't felt in that well and I ended up pulling it off.  But the pieces that did felt have a terrific look.  I guess I need to make some pre-felts with the red velvet and wool roving

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

15 Minute Healthy Dinner

 How about an easy, peasy fresh and healthy dinner.  You don't need to follow a recipe, just make it up yourself.  I microwaved a bag of Trader Joe's fresh sliced brussel sprouts and then a bag of Trader Joe's frozen roasted corn until not quite done.  I then sauteed them in olive oil along with some sliced sweet peppers, a sliced nectarine, curry powder, salt & pepper and lemon juice.

I rubbed the fresh salmon with grainy mustard and a bit of Napa Valley fig and roasted shallot tapenade which I bought in a jar at We Olive in Belmont Shore.  That stuff is good on crackers, with cheese and as you can see, a topping for fish.  I topped the fish off with salt, pepper, curry powder and lemon juice.  Grilled it with the skin side down for 5 minutes, turned it and then grilled it for another 4 minutes

 I toasted an artisan bun in my panini maker and then a added a piece of salmon topped with the veggies.  A glass of white wine and there you have it...a quick, healthy and delicious simple meal made in less than 15 minutes.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Eucalyptus Printed Nuno Felted Seamless Vest and Hand Warmers

I was told by eucalyptus mavens India Flint and Irit Dulman to leave the bundles soaking in the pot as long as possible.  But impatient me could never wait more than 24 hours to unveil the gift.  But this time there really was a gift after a week of waiting.  I put them in the pot to cook on a Sunday afternoon and let them stew on a medium heat for several hours.  Then I turned off the heat and forced myself to wait a week.  I knew I was going on a weekend trip the next weekend and figured I'd have something to look forward to after I came home.  The results were excitedly vibrant and worth the wait.

The pot after one week.
The bundles after one week.

 The excitement builds as the bundles are ready to be pulled out of the pot.  I take off the string, the rubberbands, the iron pipe and the wet leaves.  And then, drum roll please....the first reveal.  
Nuno Felted Handwarmers 
A glimpse of the back of the jacket.
Hand warmers next to the vest.  The vest shows the pocket.

Close up of the vest pocket and hand warmers.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Three Day Vest Workshop - March 2014

I'm excited to announce that I'll be teaching a three day nuno felted seamless vest making workshop Saturday 3/8/14 thru Monday 3/10/14.  I've secured a great venue located in Los Alamitos which is close to my Studio 907 in Long Beach, CA.  The room is large, so each participant will have plenty of room to set up and spread out.  None the less, I am limiting the number of participants so that I can give adequate instruction and attention to each one. So please don't hesitate to register if you're interested. 

Click HERE to Register.

Felted Vessels

These felted vessels are so fun to make.  Easy and quick for some immediate gratification, plus they can be made with a limited amount of space unlike the felted garments I've been making lately.  They're seamless and made using a resist so they're a great project if you're just learning to do seamless felting.  

I'm giving a vessel making class in Long Beach, CA

Tuesday evening, October 22, 2013, 5:30-9:30 p.m.

 Click HERE for more info.

Vessels made with merino wool and silk.

White merino roving with yarn embellishment.  Started with a 17" circle as my resist.

I named this vessel "Made with Heart".  I used Navajo Churro wool batts instead of merino roving per Sally Hall's recommendation.  I met Sally and her daughter Susan, both talented artists and owners of Spirited Hands in Tucson, AZ, at Jean Gauger's Portland workshop earlier this year.  I love the way the Navajo Churro felted and how substantial it was for the vessel.  Would be great for a purse, pillows, rugs and things where you need a more sturdy type of wool.

I added silk fabrics, vintage sari ribbons, wool yarn and even kelp that I picked up from the bottom of the Colorado Lagoon.  The lagoon has been fabulous to swim in on these hot late summer days that we've been experiencing lately, it's been bliss to cool off there.  Any what a sensation on my feet as I wade to shore through the soft, cool carpet of kelp.

Kelp I carried up from the bottom of the Colorado Lagoon - Long Beach, CA

I found the rusty metal piece on the side of the road on a recent hike in Catalina. Not sure what it was but figured it would make a good found object.  True to what I envisioned,  I incorporated it into the vessel with a felted cord on one side and a threaded piece of wire through a drilled hole on the other side.  A bead and resigned bezel with the word "heart" added the finishing touch.