Saturday, February 9, 2013

My One-on-One with Vilte and Irit

Gorgeous Pacific Grove (Monterey, CA) was the site of the nuno felting and eco printing January 2013 workshops given by Irit Dulman and Vilte Kazlauskaite who came all the way from Israel and Lithuania respectively.  These two amazing ladies hooked up several years ago and have created magic, not only singularly, but together as well.  Their work is stunning and absolutely breathtaking.  

I wanted to take the four day dress course where Vilte was teaching how to make a nuno felted seamless dress followed by Irit instructing how to eco print it.  The class was full but lucky me was able to arrange two days of one on one private workshops with each of the ladies.  Of course the time zoomed by but they were both incredible teachers and I ate up everything they had to say.  In my two days with them, we didn't actually make a dress but I got enough information to go home and try it...and boy did I ever (future posts).  

Because of the time and scheduling constraints, I actually met with Irit to do eco dyeing before felting with Vilte.  Given this I came prepared with some of my own felted pieces along with some wool and silk yardage.  

Here we are folding the fabric and making our bundles with fresh eucalyptus leaves.  

Irit is preparing the dye bath by cutting leaves and stems of eucalyptus. She then used the garden hose to fill the pot with water and threw in about a cup of vinegar. This is cincerea eucalyptus which produces beautiful reds.  We simmered the dye bath for about an hour before we added our bundles.

 The incomparable, talented and beautiful Irit Dulman.

Irit taking the bundles out of the dye pot.  We only had time to leave the in for a few hours but time is your friend and the longer they can stay in, the better. 

The bundles are initially held in place with rubber bands and then tightly wrapped with string. 

 Wool takes to the eco printing so beautifully.

In my one day with Vilte, I learned how to manipulating silk fabric.

Shibori techniques on silk fabric

 Me and Vilte

Vilte is amazing, gorgeous, talented and so bright.   


  1. Beth - what absolutely gorgeous results on the wool fabric! Inspirational you all are.

  2. How lucky you were to have one on one tuition. I love your results, wonderful colours. Every time I try this with silk the fabric becomes brittle - did you boil the silk in the pot or just rest it in there?