Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Renewed - No Roll Felting, Dryer Method


Lots of R words at the beginning of a new year.  I like not to think in terms of Resolutions that I may quickly break but more in terms of Renewal, Reflection, Rejoice, Rejuvenate, Resurgence and of course Recovery from all the gluttony during the holiday season. I am kicking off my 2020 with a Renewed method for using the dryer to replace rolling.  Enjoy the post and hope your new year will have lots of good R words the least of which is resolution! 

In May, 2015 I blogged about the no roll dryer method which replaced most or all of the rolling for felting which most felters would agree is the most tedious part of felting.  This post is probably my most popular with over 33,000 hits:

In this current post, I am showing you some new and improved techniques for the no roll felting/dryer method. Drum roll please....for the updates! 

I use 1 mil painters plastic and place it either on top of my bubble wrap or use it in lieu of bubble wrap.  I cut the painter's plastic twice the size plus an additional 10-12" larger than what I will be creating.  I place half the plastic on the table.  I will work my felt in the center of this half of the plastic.  After I create my piece either flat or on a resist, I will wet it out and cover it by folding the remaining plastic over it.

Bring in the edges of the plastic to seal the piece completely like an envelope to prevent water from leaking out.  Be sure there is enough plastic around all four sides so as to not crowd your piece.

Rub the piece for about 5 minutes or use a sander to adhere all the elements.  

Place a rolled up towel on one edge of the plastic envelope and roll up the package.

 Secure the package with two cut off pantyhose or similar.
 Place the package in the dryer for about 10-12 minutes with NO heat.  Set the timer and multitask or just relax while the package is in the dryer!
Since we're using the painter's plastic instead of the thick bubble wrap to roll up the package, there is more room in the dryer for it to bounce around and agitate.  And since the package is completely sealed, there is no water dripping everywhere.

After 10-12 minutes, take it out of the dryer and place it on the table.  Open up the package and stretch and straighten the felt.  Assure it is not sticking to anything it shouldn't be.  Move the towel to the opposite or adjacent side.  Roll and tie the package and put back in the dryer for another 10-12 minutes.  Repeat again if necessary.  It should be completely felted in 20-30 minutes.

After the no roll dryer method is finished, you will still need to full your work in the normal way by alternating: rolling it on itself, throwing it and rubbing it on the bubble wrap or similar.

Have fun with this updated method and wishing you the best for a Resourceful 2020.


  1. Thank you for the wonderful tutorial and happy new year!

    1. hi,
      do you use soap on the piece when wetting, and before putting in the painters plastic parcel??

    2. Hi Maggi, Yes I do use soap. I add liquid detergent soap to my bucket of room temperature water.

    3. glad o hear others ways of applying water ,soap, netting, but always bubble wrap? thats always necessary?

  2. thank you for your generosity! I will definitely be giving this a try!

  3. My dryer only has a warm or hot setting, would the warm be too hot?

  4. You can try warm but you really shouldn't have any heat on it.

  5. Awesome share, you sent me here through Fiona's Fibre & Paper class and this is a method I will definitely add to the process of felting! I have knit wool slippers and pillow details with hot wash and dryer so this makes sense to me to use this method. I am a multi-tasker too so let the machines work for me!

  6. How many layers of wool do you use. I am making a shawl which one and half layer and lots of viscose clouding. Should this be ok for this method. Thank you in advance for your response.