Saturday, January 2, 2021

About Face - First Felt of 2021


I'm calling my first felted piece of 2021 "ABOUT FACE" which seems very apropos in this new year.  A reversal of direction and a complete 180 from 2020 is what I wish and hope for this new year.  Not only do we need to put the killer Covid 19 pandemic behind us but we also need to change our attitudes, act civilly and do the right thing.  At a minimum wear a mask and get vaccinated when it's available to you and by all means support your local restaurants and shops. Be kind, strong, empathetic and loving.  My hope is for less chaos in our country and more working together to get the USA and the world back on track from our lost ways.  

My "About Face" felted neck warmer is also about women facing challenges and fears to go forward with fortitude and strength being the best woman you can be in this new year.   Several women's faces are abstractly incorporated in this felted piece along with my message of being bold and brave engraved in the form of free motion stitching.

This felted cowl was created with super fine merino wool roving, hand painted silks and other silk fabric, viscose, ramie, tussah silk, Kozo paper, free motion stitching and colored markers and paints.

A brand new start in 2021

Be bold and be brave!

Hand made felted pin with free motion stitching and beads

Some of the women's faces in the felted neck warmer: