Tuesday, June 19, 2012

More Textile Adventures - Nuno Felting the Batiked Fabric

Two weeks ago my friend Antoinette and I got together in her beautiful backyard to batik some silk fabric which we would later nuno felt.  For more information on the batik process click HERE.  Yesterday we got together at my house for the nuno felting portion of our textile adventure.  I had hand dyed some wool roving and other silks to coordinate with the batiks we did.

I started off with a piece of the batiked silk 132" long by 19" wide and after the felting process, the finished scarf was 89" long by 10 1/2" wide.  I am so pleased with all the texture, the color and the drape.  This scarf is beautiful and so different on both sides.  The one side mainly shows the batik fabric texturized from the wool roving that was placed on the other side.  The reverse side shows all the other elements I added in - the wool roving, the silks, ribbons, cut up and repurposed UFO knitting projects, etc.

Here's the finished scarf/shawl

Antoinette with our batiked silk fabric
Hand dyed silks and wool roving added to the batiked fabric

Lay out for the scarf.  It shrunk 33% in length and 45% in width.

Below are a few more pics of the finished scarf/shawl which can be worn in so many fun ways.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Fun with a sample photo

Today's Challenge in the Beyond Layers class was to download the sample image of Kim Klassen's lilacs and then process the photo to our liking….add some texture, perhaps a little type....  
This is Kim Klassen's sample image

This is my version processed in Photoshop.  Lots of texture and adjustment layers.

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