Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Nuno Felted Eco Dyed Vest

A beautiful organic, eco dyed, seamless nuno felted vest made by hand in the traditional wet felting method - no sewing, no knitting.  I started with natural wool roving and felted it on to  white silk organza.  When finished I dyed it in a bath of eucalyptus.  

Wear it open, closed, inside out upside out.  Use the cords and holes to fasten as you like.  Dress it up or down.  It really is wearable art.

Nancy and Juno, a Bernese Mountain Dog

Good girl Juno

Eco Printed Nuno Felted Poncho

My beautiful sister-in-law Nancy, who's a big supporter of my craft, is modeling one of my eco printed nuno felted seamless ponchos. 

 I hand made and wet felted this poncho using wool roving and silk gauze; it is seamless and has no sewing involved.   Afterwards I bundled it and eco dyed it with eucalyptus leaves.  It would be a stylish yet functional piece to wear on a cool summer's evening.  

If you are interested in purchasing this piece or something similar, please contact me HERE.

BTW - To make the animated GIF below, I put all the images into Photoshop by doing the following: File, Scripts, Load Files into Stacks, Click OK, Go to Window, Animation.  

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