Friday, August 16, 2013

Relaxing in the Caribbean

My recent trip (June 2013) to the Caribbean was my inspiration for the nuno felted vest I made created.  The Caribbean waters are so vividly beautiful with various shades of azure and turquoise.  Under the sea the reefs are alive with plants and animals.  I tried to abstractly capture these feelings and memories in my felted piece.
Crane Beach, Barbados

St. Nicolas Abbey- Rum producing plantation in Barbados

The rugged beauty of the eastern side of Barbados.

We had a real adventure sailing to all the islands in Saint Vincent and the Grendines on a rented 39' catamaran from Moorings.  Click below to watch the little movie I made of this bare-boat sailing portion of our Caribbean trip.

Sailing Adventure in the Grenadines, June 2013 from Beth Marx on Vimeo.


  1. Great trip Beth...wish you to be always happy and you never know you will visit me some day in Greece to see from close thebeauty of the Greek islants and sare of course our love for felting! I admire your work wish i could learn from you and meet you both in person!Thank you for the wanderful video

  2. Hi Mary, Thank you for taking the time to write to me. I love the Greek Islands and have had the opportunity to visit and I would love to revisit some day. Thank you for your compliments and it would be great to meet and felt some day.