Thursday, September 4, 2014

Home, Home on the Range

Sulphur Creek Ranch, Idaho - Labor Day 2014 from Beth Marx on Vimeo.

Click above to watch my five minute video which captures our adventures at Surphur Creek Ranch.  Enjoy and thanks for watching.

What an incredible long Labor Day weekend we had. In a recent article in Pilot's Get-Away Magazine, Joe discovered the amazing fly-in to Sulphur Creek Ranch, which is in the middle of the Frank Church Wilderness Range in Idaho. We decided to fly the five hour trip (with a stop for a picnic lunch in Elko, Nevada) with our three dogs.  It was their longest trip ever and they were all great passenger; Tucker actually gets a kick out of standing on the seat to peer out the window.  We bought a cush memory foam dog bed at Costco and put it in the back seat for Juma, the Ridgeback.  I sat behind Joe with little Oliver on my lap.
 Tucker of course flew co-pilot up front with Joe. 

The lodge was the hangout for indoor recreation and relaxation and where we gathered with the other guests and our hosts and cooks, Valdeen & Kiere and Rick & Sylvia, to enjoy their delicious home cooked meals.


Our rustic log cabin, called the Dog House, was appropriately selected for us.  And although we were off the grid for four days, the Ranch generated its own electricity so we slept comfortably and were glad for the electric blankets and electric space heater especially when we woke up to a chilly 31 degrees.

Of course I took some projects with me and in addition to making some felted soaps, I beaded the vessel I had recently made while teaching at Namaste Farms.

First time fly fishing.

Gorgeous scenery everywhere, you couldn't take a bad picture if you tried.
Joe, our pilot is the best.  
Juma, Tucker and Oliver had the time of their lives.

Turn it sideways and it looks like a Rorschach test.

Not quite rolling in the hay! 
Over the river and through the woods....
Always thankful to have projects to work on.  I cannot have idle hands.


  1. Am so curious about doggies flying ... small planes are so loud - if humans need ear protectors, wouldn't the woofies? Would LUV to take me own dogs sky bound but wouldn't know how.

    Lovely beadwork, always a pleasure to see your handwork.

  2. Hi Sweetpea, The plane is loud but not that loud that it bothers the dogs, they really don't seem to mind or show any signs of distress. I oftentimes don't like to wear a headset myself and would rather put up with the noise than the headset. Thanks too for checking my site and the compliments on my work, much appreciated. - Beth

  3. Hi Beth,
    As usual, your beaded bowl is beautiful. The photography is stunning. Love the pic you took of the Rorschach test and turning it sideways. Lovely. Looks like you had a fabulous time, of course how could you not looking at the scenery you experienced. :)