Sunday, May 17, 2015

Beautiful Bea

Bea, my friend and fitness instructor so stunningly models my felted wearables.  She is as beautiful on the inside as the out.  
Felted shawl with resist techniques

Felted scarf with various types of silk, merino wool, holes, cords, nuno inclusions

Long scarf with various types of silk including a metal/silk blend.  Cords, nuno inclusions, craters and more.

Shibori techniques on felt

Felted scarf and purse with cracked mud techniques,felted craters with beads, cords and more

The back of the purse has an outside pocket, a hanging bead and a felted tag inside with words printed on the silk

Felted scarf with metallic silk

Reversible seamless felted vest.  This side was eco printed with eucalyptus leaves.  It closes with cords and two unique buttons

Eco printed reversible felted vest.  Button and cord closures

The other side of the reversible vest with printed silks and cord closures.  The collar is felted with a metal silk blend 

The seamless vest has craters, nuno inclusions, and more

Beautiful Bea, thank you Bea for all that you do.
The End


  1. Absolutely gorgeous and inspiring!, ie the model, garments/acessories and the designer/producer.