Thursday, April 20, 2017

PART 2 - Indigo Dyed Nuno Felted Seamless Dress - The Reveal

To see how I made the prefelts, click HERE

Using many resists, including a godet on both the back and front to make a full skirted dress, I created the nuno felted seamless dress out of the indigo dyed prefelts, silks and wool roving by pieceing them on the front of the resist overlapping the edges of the resist so that they would seam to the sides and the shoulders of the back. 

 Once I worked the front with my hands and my new electric car buffer (thank you Mary Papaj), I flipped it and created the back of the dress. Then some rolling, more with the electric car buffer and then some fulling and voila...THE REVEAL (Drum roll):

Ready to party with my new dress and coordinated leggings and tee shirt.  I'm wearing a lapis necklace, silver bracelets and earring, blue shoes, blue toe nail polish and even blue eye glasses!

I used a portion of the shibori dyed prefelt as the main attraction in the bodice.  I cut up the shibori balls and used them sparingly on the front.
 I shibori tied and indigo dyed a pair of white cotton/spandex leggings that I bought on Dharma Trading.  These tights are OK but a bit saggy.  I'm on the look out for some other white leggings with more stretch.  None the less, they look adorable with the dress.

The back and left side

The back with the shibori wrapped portion at the top

I love the little flower on the right


  1. Make your own leggings from your measurements!

    1. I know that you can easily do that Beki but not sure if I want to tackle it!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you so much Jeni, your comments are much appreciated.

  3. You are amazing, Beth! And of course, the dress and leggings are too!

  4. That is one gorgeous dress! The style and color are fantastic, and you look beautiful in the ensemble! A delightful success.