Friday, August 11, 2017

Poof - It's a Felted Pouf!

Poufs have great utility. As chairs, they can be easily moved around a room to add an extra seat wherever needed. Placed in front of your favorite sofa or chair, they also make a great footrest. They are also used as tabletops, especially if you keep a flat wood surface handy.

My very talented, artist friend Suzanne Currie, owner of Maison42, which features one of a kind high-end unique furnishings, contacted me about creating felted textiles for two large poufs.  She wanted natural colors mainly white with some black, grays, etc. and lots of textures but still comfortable to sit on.  

I had to size up the felted pieces to allow for shrinkage for a finished cushion 27" in diameter plus 7" height around the sides. 

I created the textiles with a base of sheer silk to which I added a layer of merino, another layer of Navajo Churro, another layer of merino and then surface design including bamboo, mulberry bark, sumi ink silks, addition wool and silk fabric.

You can find Suzanne's amazing art HERE.

Suzanne and I are buried in the finished textiles - we are both so happy with the result. Next step was upholstery and voila, the finished poufs are fantastic.

Poof, the felted textiles are now poufs!

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  1. This pouf looks so relaxing and comfortable. The color of the felt makes it look extremely attractive. It would be a great addition to any room's decor.