Saturday, February 16, 2019

The Colorado Lagoon, Long Beach, California and its inspired felted works

 The Colorado Lagoon in Long Beach, California is an amazing urban wetlands and a place I frequent either on foot or by bike several times a week. I am lucky to live near this wonderful habitat which is less than a mile from home. It is a place to swim, sun bathe, bird watch, learn about natural habitat, reflect, walk dogs and more.  

When I first moved to Long Beach over 45 years ago, this place was referred to as the polio pit.  It was disgusting and the water was a wasteland due to a dry weather storm drain which allowed discharges into the Lagoon.  Spurred by the Friends of Colorado Lagoon, the Coastal Conservancy funded a restoration feasibility study which was completed in 2004. The restoration has been extensive and the 3rd phase was recently completed.  There are still more improvements to come.

The metamorphosis of the Lagoon has been amazing to witness and what a joy to see the flora and fauna return and flourish.  

I was inspired by the Lagoon to create felted versions, both a vest and a wallhanging.  I dyed the majority of the wool roving and Margilan silk that I used in the projects.  I made the cords and added them to the project during the prefelt stage.  I used many other fibers and fabrics along with beach glass, cocoons and more.

Hand dyed silk and wool roving

One side of the front of the vest.  I laid out two layers of wool roving perpendicular to each other.
Cords are fun to make while watching TV.

The white is plastic that I covered with roving and layer cut through the channel.
Resists used.


  1. Just stunning Beth. You absolutely captured the lagoon and all it's magic!

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  3. Thanks, that was a really cool read! click here now