Wednesday, January 15, 2020

The Anatomy of a Felted Garment

Felting Workshop March 2018 from Beth Marx on Vimeo.

No matter how you style it, it's a real pleasure to wear a hand created seamless felted garment.  From the hand dyed silks to creating a seamless nuno felted garment with no sewing,  I am always amazed at process.

The marriage that takes place when the silk fabric penetrates and entangles with the wool is like alchemy creating a new and beautiful textile.  

Hand dyed silks drying in the sun

Before I start a project, I gather my silks and wools together.

I create a resist out of underlayment to use to build my seamless garment.

I'm adding cut up prefelts on top of my silk

I love this new spout and it is a lot easier on the hands than a ball brauser.  Be sure to use a bottle like this (Target brand) and not a bottle with a long neck.  I bought the spout on Amazon.  Click here.

This is vest is asymetrical.

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