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  1. Beth,

    I live here in Redlands, CA. Do you ever give classes on how to make vests/clothing? I have nuno felted scarves & shawls and haven't figured out how to do vests. I would love to learn. If you are ever willing to teach me how, I would be super interestedin learning.
    Thanks for showing your lovely stuff. Bea makes a beautiful model for your clothes. You can reach me at
    Linda St Angelo

  2. Beth
    THanks for sharing your beautiful vests and the how you approach this photos. I live in BC Canada and have been felting for awhile now. Not like you but I'm learning. I have always wanted to be proficient at making felted wearable art having made a number of scarves etc over the last few years. I just finished a felted top using the resist method. I used two thin layers of wool with the third layer layout of silk and other fibers. It turned out well and I'm pleased with it even though it is not very exciting. The resist was clearly the right measurement with the 30% markup of the pattern. However, I wondering what I need to do to carry on with the next project which is what I really want to learn is how to make a one piece vest. It is the overlay in the front that I am stumped with. You show the front overlap being used via a second resist on top of the first layout. Should I just draw out a layout of choice, blow it up 30% and then repeat the layers as the main body? I'm not really sure how the first layer edge connects to the overlap. Would you just make the wool/fiber over lap on the connecting edge , turn it over and carry on? I know I'm not supposed to ask these questions Beth but I live a really long way away, am retired and not able to come to your end of the world. I'm determined to learn how to make vests and am inspired by your work. I would be happy to send you a cheque to pay for your advice /guidance as I don't expect anything for nothing.
    Sorry for the long note but having finally completed a piece that looks good, and seeing your pictures of my ultimate goal ( not copies) just the style of free flowing feminine lines of nuno felt - I am stoked to move on.
    Kind regards

  3. I love, love, love your creations. I am so bummed that I am in NJ. I cannot seem to find any workshops. Your work is very inspiring. Just gorgeous.
    Thanks for sharing your gift.

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  5. Hi Beth, I love your use of color and texture. I see where you have done classes but don't see any listed coming up. Are you still doing them? I would love to participate, and I even live close enough that I could! Thanks, Martha

  6. Hi Martha, Thanks for your compliments and interest. Actually my offsite, but still close to home, intermediate workshop starts tomorrow and goes thru Sunday. My studio is in Long Beach and I welcome one on one or small group classes in my studio. Send me an email for my info:

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