Easy Peasy Shrinkage Calculation Sheet

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What's the hardest thing about felting?  Not the design, not laying out the roving, not even the rolling.  

Admit it, it's calculating the shrinkage. 

Ugh...is it this divided by that or multiplied by 100?  What are all these X's and Y's, oh no!!

Studio 907's Beth Marx has created a super easy peasy shrinkage calculation sheet for just $11, a good prime number.   This sheet will be invaluable when you are creating felted garments, accessories or anything requiring a shrinkage calculation.

 The sheet is set up to calculate 35%, 40% and 45% shrinkage.

Here are some examples of what the Easy Peasy Shrinkage Calculation Sheet will do for you:
  • If you want to end up with a 9"x 9" square and you expect 40% shrinkage, then you need to layout your wool roving in 15" x 15" square.
  • If you layout your wool roving in a rectangle 20" x 10" and it shrinks down to 13" x 6", then the shrinkage factor was 35% in one direction and 40% in the other.
  • You want to make a felted skirt with a finished length = 19".  You expect that the wool will shrink about 45%, so you'll need to layout your wool roving with a length = 34 1/2".
  • You estimate a 35% shrinkage for purse with a finished width = 16"; therefore, your starting layout will be 24 1/2" wide. 


  1. How can one estimate the % of shrinkage?

  2. Hi Suz. To determine the shrinkage rate, you measure the piece before you felted it and then measure it again after you felted it, the difference is the shrinkage. You can use my Easy Peasy Shrinkage Calculation sheet to determine the shrinkage %age if you don't want to do the math.

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