Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Red Rose Nuno Felted Vest

The inspiration for this nuno felted seamless vest came from an old silk scarf that I picked up in a thrift shop.  I was attracted to it because of the single red rose along with some cursive writing on the sheer silk. It felted in beautifully.

 I used a resist to make the seamless vest. I started my layout with the inside of the back.  Then did the inside of the front, the outside of the front and flipped it over to finish the outside of the back.

Showing both fronts of this reversible vest.

I used some old silk velvet that I had dyed red years ago.  Unfortunately some of it didn't felt in that well and I ended up pulling it off.  But the pieces that did felt have a terrific look.  I guess I need to make some pre-felts with the red velvet and wool roving

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