Sunday, September 8, 2013

Eucalyptus Printed Nuno Felted Seamless Vest and Hand Warmers

I was told by eucalyptus mavens India Flint and Irit Dulman to leave the bundles soaking in the pot as long as possible.  But impatient me could never wait more than 24 hours to unveil the gift.  But this time there really was a gift after a week of waiting.  I put them in the pot to cook on a Sunday afternoon and let them stew on a medium heat for several hours.  Then I turned off the heat and forced myself to wait a week.  I knew I was going on a weekend trip the next weekend and figured I'd have something to look forward to after I came home.  The results were excitedly vibrant and worth the wait.

The pot after one week.
The bundles after one week.

 The excitement builds as the bundles are ready to be pulled out of the pot.  I take off the string, the rubberbands, the iron pipe and the wet leaves.  And then, drum roll please....the first reveal.  
Nuno Felted Handwarmers 
A glimpse of the back of the jacket.
Hand warmers next to the vest.  The vest shows the pocket.

Close up of the vest pocket and hand warmers.


  1. Gorgeous and worth for the wait. I'm also impatient. I must do a pot of bundles like you to challenge myself.

  2. Thanks Terriea, I am so enjoying the process and the experimentation.