Wednesday, September 11, 2013

15 Minute Healthy Dinner

 How about an easy, peasy fresh and healthy dinner.  You don't need to follow a recipe, just make it up yourself.  I microwaved a bag of Trader Joe's fresh sliced brussel sprouts and then a bag of Trader Joe's frozen roasted corn until not quite done.  I then sauteed them in olive oil along with some sliced sweet peppers, a sliced nectarine, curry powder, salt & pepper and lemon juice.

I rubbed the fresh salmon with grainy mustard and a bit of Napa Valley fig and roasted shallot tapenade which I bought in a jar at We Olive in Belmont Shore.  That stuff is good on crackers, with cheese and as you can see, a topping for fish.  I topped the fish off with salt, pepper, curry powder and lemon juice.  Grilled it with the skin side down for 5 minutes, turned it and then grilled it for another 4 minutes

 I toasted an artisan bun in my panini maker and then a added a piece of salmon topped with the veggies.  A glass of white wine and there you have it...a quick, healthy and delicious simple meal made in less than 15 minutes.

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