Monday, December 31, 2012


Here we are....the last day of 2012. I can not believe it. Time sure has a way of zipping by. 
My day started out with a bang with me tripping on the sidewalk and landing with the left side of my face flush against the pavement. Joe was there to grab the dogs and pull me up but I was pretty banged up.  Oh well, I have one half of an Angelina Jolie lip...too bad I didn't land face down for some beautiful full lips.  But what an exciting and fun filled day we had and are still having.  Going out tonight with some friends and hope to bring in the new year with a bang...hopefully it will be a bigger, better bang and less painless than the one earlier today!  
2012 has been an amazing year and I hope 2013 hold new wonders and possibilities for all of us.  HAPPY NEW YEAR MY FRIENDS.

Taking the Metro to LA was part of the adventure and I'd take the Metro any day than drive, even if Joe is the driver.  We got off at the end of the Blue Line and walked a few blocks to one of my favorite restaurants, Bottega Louie.  I had a toasted bagel, with lox, cream cheese and all the fixings.  Joe had poached eggs, turkey bacon and accompaniments.  Didn't buy any macaroons this time but they make the best around and the cookie case is just gorgeous, like gems shining in the sun.   

After breakfast, we walked back to the 7th Street Metro Station and took the new Expo line to the California Science Center.  Yesterday I was able to score tickets for both Endeavor and the Cleopatra exhibit even though one was completely sold out.  I just wouldn't take no for an answer and the gal on the phone finally let us have tickets for today at 12:45 for Cleopatra and the shuttle at 2:45...perfect.  That's us in the Rose Garden at Exposition Park all bundled up for an exceptionally cold day in LA.  

Jewelry from the amazing Cleopatra exhibit.

Awesome, awesome, awesome and how proud I feel to be an American and to work at Boeing.

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