Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Reveal - Eco Printed Vest with Teeswater long locks

I had such fun creating this short nuno felted vest which is stylishly shorter in front and longer in back. I made it on a resist using Opulent Fiber's luscious fine white Merino roving and white silk 4mm gauze.  I sandwiched one layer of roving between the two layers of silk.  I added Teeswater long locks that I purchased from beautiful Natalie Redding from Namaste Farms.  Look for her on Shear Madness on the National Geographic Channel.  Before I put it in the eucalyptus dye pot for 5 days, I sewed on felted balls as buttons and used yarn to do a blanket stitch around the buttons holes.  And while making this, Robbin Firth's Heartfelt Silks jumbo palm roller was a joy to use and saved so much rolling time.  Thanks Robbin.

The vest before going into the dye pot.

 The front of the vest.

 The back of the vest.

 Preparing my eucalyptus dye pot. 

 Creating a bundle from the vest.

Securing the bundle with rubber bands and twine.

Here's the bundle afer 4 or 5 days in the dye pot.  Ahhhh...the reveal is so exciting.

First look and I'm so pleased.  I love the color, the eucalyptus print and how the Teeswater locks took the dye. Very organic, earthy and so, so many ways to wear this.  Inside out, upside down, buttoned (also so many ways) or left open.  Wear it with a tee shirt or with just a cami or tank underneath.  Wear it with jeans or to make a statement with a dressy outfit.  I love it!  


  1. The detail on the back matches your hair perfectly !

  2. Hi India, I had a heck of time getting these Google comments to work and I am finally just seeing them and responding now. Thanks for taking the time to make a comment - really appreciated. I am so loving working with the eucalyptus printing and I thank you for all your inspiration and sharing of your knowledge at Grau Haus.