Sunday, February 8, 2015

All wrapped Up

Spring is certainly in the air on this February day and nothing could be better to wear than an ocean inspired nuno felted reversible wrap.  It's enough to keep me warm but beachy and breezy too.


 A glorious day exploring the lagoon with my three dogs Juma, Tucker and Oliver who love having the chance to run leash free along the shore.  Tucker and Oliver are terrific swimmers but Juma will only brave the water to get his paws wet.  I can barely wait for summer when I too will again take the plunge into the clean, cool, green, inviting water.

Juma, my five year old male Ridgeback met an 8 month old female Ridgeback today and boy did they hit it off.  It was love at first site.  Both will be back soon for their second date.
 This shawl is reversible and made with fine merino roving and hand dyed silks.  I used lots of inclusions including pearls, sequins and beach glass.  A hand made double sided green beach glass "button" keeps the shawl closed.

 The reverse side is just as fun and shows off the various dyed ocean colored silks.

Tucker and Oliver are having a blast in the water.

Lots of life, interesting moss, pelicans, herons, shells and rocks.  I love it here.  It's my weekly solace.

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