Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Making of a Seamless Nuno Felted Hoodie

This nuno felted seamless vest hoodie is reversible.  It's reminiscent of the sea with the greens and blues and is perfect for transitioning from winter drabs to spring colors.  

I used acid dyes and the microwave dyeing technique to dye white silk gauze, some yarn, cocoons and tussah silk.  These silks were used on one side of the vest and a vintage sari on the reverse side.  Merino roving was sandwiched between the two silk layers to make this nuno felted hoodie vest with lots of surface design.  In my stash, I pulled out two of my very favorite buttons that I bought years ago at the Paris flea market.  I sewed them on the center front of the vest and made hand made threaded button holes on both sides of the vest. 

Work in progress.

Lots of surface design.

 Free motion sewing was used to embellish the felted craters. 


  1. I love the idea and the colours, it's simply beautiful!

  2. Thanks for the comments Eke and Judy, much appreciated.

  3. Love it ! have tried nuno felting for scaves but would love to know how to size a pattern for a waistcoat or jacket

  4. Anna, I don't know where you live but I am having a workshop in March '15 in Southern California where you would learn this. Click "2015 Workshops" above.

  5. Did you sandwich merino between 2 layers of silk? I made a sample piece using that technique but the silk peeled right off 1 side. :-( Do you suppose perhaps I didn't have enough fibre to carry all that silk?
    Would appreciate your opinion.
    Thanks Beth

  6. Jacqueline, Yes I sandwiched fine merino roving between two layers of silk. I lay my merino as finely as possible so i think that you did have enough merino and maybe that your silk was too thick. Also make sure you are not using hot water at the beginning of the process since the wool needs time to migrate through the silk.