Monday, October 12, 2015

One-on-one vest class at Studio 907

Darling Julia from the Washington DC area found me on the Internet and made contact with me about taking a private one-on-one workshop.  She and her husband planned to be on vacation in California in October so we scheduled it during that time.

Julia arrived at my house, aka Studio 907, and we hit it off immediately.  It was like having a good friend coming over to hang out with on a Sunday afternoon. She was an experienced felter but had been struggling making garments.  I knew our time was going to be limited so I had suggested via our email conversations that we make a simple pull over top but Julia really wanted to learn to make a garment with an opening in the front.  I knew I would have to keep Julia on a tight schedule to complete the vest in one day and she not only met but exceeded my expectations.  She made an outstanding vest.  She was so proud of herself that she left my house in the late afternoon wearing the vest despite the 90 degree record heat!

Julia laying out the roving for the back of the vest.

Julia working on one side of the front of the vest.

Gorgeous colors and design.

The design of the back of the vest is complete.

Julia is rock and rolling.

Julia's reversible, seamless vest is a real work of art and fits her perfectly.  It is as beautiful on one side as the other.

If you are interested in a one-on-one workshop at Studio 907 in Long Beach, CA or interested in a group workshop, please send me a comment here or email me at:

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