Sunday, December 29, 2019

Little handbags with inside pockets

 I love creating little crossbody handbags.  They don't take up much room on the table, are fairly quick to make, can use leftover scraps and are a source for endless creativity.  Some of the bags have flaps and others don't.  On some of the bags, I have added a thin leather twisted cord and on others I have made a felted cord so these bags are totally vegan and a terrific gift for that friend.

Felted cords at the bottom with added beads.
Peacock feathers felted into cords.  Embellished with hand embroidery.

Inside pocket holding a lipstick.

For these little handbags, I work from the inside out.  I usually start with an inside pocket on the bottom of the back of the purse.  To do this:  1.  Lay out two perpendicular layers a bit larger than the pocket resist.  2.  Wet out the two layers of wool and compress them with a sheet of plastic or bubble wrap.  3.  Place the pocket resist on top.
 4.  Place roving completely over the pocket resist and extending over the edges of the main resist by about 1" all over.  5.  Continue layout as you normally would do when using a resist.

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