Saturday, July 18, 2020

Fiona Duthie's Separate Yet Connected Felting Challenge

We had to keep everything under wraps for a few months. But we can now share the felted pieces that we created for the on-line challenge 'Separate Yet Connected' that Fiona Duthie posed to her former students during this period of self isolation. Seems very apropos timing to now be able to share our creations just as we are crawling out of our cocoons to a slowly opening world. For details about my garment and to be blown away by the variety of felted projects and creativity generated by our felting community during this period of self isolation, go to:

I thank Fiona tremendously for her mentorship, friendship, inspiration, community and so much more. I have stretched and reached creatively during this time of self isolation with gratitute to Fiona.

To view the challenge projects in book form, click here:

For the challenge, I collaborated with Linda Armstrong (Ecolam Fibrearts), a felter that I met in 2017 at Felter's Fling, who lives in Ontario, Canada thousands of miles away from my home in Long Beach, California. We have developed a wonderful friendship and even now months after our collaboration for Fiona's challenge, we have collaborated on several additional projects and text and talk just about every day. Having Linda by my "Separate Yet Connected" side during the Covid crisis has been invaluable. 

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