Friday, July 17, 2020

Abstract Silk Painting

I always thought silk painting was an old ladies' hobby.  Not that I'm denigrating old ladies, I am one as a matter of fact.  But when I think of painting on silk, I conjure up images of old ladies wearing babushkas or sophisticated women from the late 50's donning a flowered headscarf to cover their hair while driving around in a convertible. Both dated or so I thought.  

But according to 2ofakindmag, "Truth is this simple piece of cloth is very versatile, sending out the mixed messages of being the style of monarch and peasant woman alike, of elderly and young sleek lady, both having a bad hair day. Also, as we are living in a period where all boundaries are blurred, headscarves knotted in babushka or whatever style are ideally fitting young blokes as well! Not only it’s now fashionably acceptable but it feels so fresh and exciting that we are sure that it will soon be an off-catwalks favourite. And with its ‘one size fits all’ appeal, this is a catwalk trend that genuinely transcends fashion’s usual boundaries."

Whether or not you are ready to be a fashion icon wearing a headscarf, there are so many ways to paint and use silks.  I personally love painting bold abstracts.  I use the painted pieces in my felted garments as well as adorning myself and my home. I am so lucky to have learned silk painting from Ellen Baker and to open up my world to exploding color and fun.

 Use a scarf as a bathing suit coverup or drape over an ottoman or a table.  Maybe get it stretched over a piece of canvas and hang it where you want to display a big piece of art.  Go wild and use your imagination to conjure up new ways for a silk scarf. 

Margilan silk felted with prefelt pieces made with wool and hand painted silks.
Margilan silk with prefelts made with wool and hand painted silks.

My silk painting area which can easily be set up and torn down.

Nuno felted camouflage dress with hand painted silks
This painted Margilan silk was used to create the nuno felted camouflage dress.

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