Sunday, May 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Class of 1970

Saying hi and happy birthday to my high school friends from the class of '70 who, along with moi, turn the big six O this year.  Since we're all celebrating on different days throughout the year I thought, since next week is June 1st and almost the half way point of the year, that this was a good time to wish all of us a good ol' fashioned happy birthday.  Plus on June 1st, I'll turn 59 1/2 which is the magic age when your financial status changes.  It's odd that it's 59 1/2 and not 59 or 60 but none the less, it is an important milestone when it comes to finances.  When you reach 59 1/2 there is no longer a 10% penalty when you withdraw money from a tax deferred plan.  Not that I'm ready to make any withdrawals but nice to know that we've reached the age that we're penalty free!

Happy Birthday Friends.

I processed this in Photoshop with several adjustment layers, filters and textures.  Using the magic wand, I selected the background on the image layer and then added it as a layer mask on one of the texture layers.  I then added a pattern and colorized it.  The text is a free font called The King and Queen.

This is the image Straight out of the camera (SOOC).

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