Thursday, May 10, 2012

An Image - Before and After Photoshop

Here's the BEFORE image SOOC.

 Here's the AFTER image that I processed in Photoshop CS5.  I did the following after I cropped it:

1.  Cloned out the postcard in the left front foreground
2.  Duplicated the background image and added a High Pass filter using a Soft Light blend mode.
3.  Duplicated the background again and added a Gaussian Blur filter.  Then added a layer mask to brush over the foreground I didn't want blurred.
4.  Added a Levels adjustment layer.
5.  Added a Gradient Map adjustment layer, black to white.
6.  Added two solid color adjustment layers in peach, changed the blend mode of one to Screen and the other to Multiply.
7.  Added two layers of Kim Klassen's Chase texture and changed the blend mode of one to Soft Light and the other to Color.
8.  Added another Levels adjustment layer.
9.  Added the type layer.
10.  Added my watermark.

Here's another similar Photoshopped image using some grunge textures that I found free on-line.  Click HERE to download them.


  1. Love these shots! And lucky you with a pilot for a boyfriend!

    Check out my blog post about our winery tour


  2. Thanks Tina and yeah, I'm a pretty lucky girl to have pilot boyfriend. How cool that you arranged a wine tasting tour virtually in your own backyard - how fortunate for you that you have wineries that close. The closest to us are in Temecula which is just about an hour and a half's drive but having the plane sure makes it a lot closer and easier to access - only took us 45 minutes to fly to Santa Ynez.