Monday, May 14, 2012

Bakelite mah jongg tile focal

I had so much fun with my practice mah jongg tile necklaces that I ordered some cool, vintage Bakelite tiles from a gal named Bethany from Frankenbeads whom I found on Etsy. We really bonded given that we are both Beth's and both from Cleveland, Ohio.  She didn't know that much about the game of mah jongg so I helped her with the descriptions and to properly name the three suits - Bams, Cracks and Dots.  She in turn did me right on the sale of the tiles.  The tile in the picture below is a Flower and although it has the #1 on it, it is still just a plain old flower with the number being insignificant.

This is a necklace I made with the Bakelite mah jongg tile as one of the focal beads.  I also used a circular semiprecious green jade bead, a green Buddha, and a variegated glass bead as focals.  Hanging from the maj tile are three pieces of sterling chain.  Coral branches hang from the chain as well as a vintage green glass bead.  The necklace closes on the side with a handmade sterling wrapped hook which loops through an old Asian coin.  Semiprecious and some glass beads are all wire wrapped on sterling. 

If you are interested in purchasing this necklace or a similar one, please click HERE to contact me.  Thanks for taking a look and thanks for your support and comments which are so much appreciated.