Saturday, August 25, 2012

Project Mah Jongg at the Skirball

I was mesmerized by a huge black and white photo of four beautiful, young women from the 1920's playing mah jongg in the water on a floating table.  They were decked out in the latest flapper style bathing suits and head gear and obviously throughly enjoying themselves.  Which is what I did today along with six other gals from my Thursday mah jongg group.  One of our gals, Bonnie had made us a two month advance reservation to play at the one and only table which was smack dead in the center of the Project Mah Jongg exhibt at the beautiful Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles.

An exhibit featuring aprons from the 50's, old boxes of jello and an old bakelite mah jongg set brought back fond memories of my mom playing with her friends while I dozed off to sleep to the safe and secure sounds of the tiles clacking and the ladies calling out as they threw down their bam, eight crack, soap, mah jongg!  

Five hours of playing mah jongg while enjoying the view of Los Angeles from the hills of the Skirball Center in the center of a mah jongg exhibit...amazing.  What an outstanding day we shared together, one that will be truly memorable.  

Kathi, Beth and Bonnie outside the Skirball Cultural Center in LA.
Bonnie and Kathi setting up.  In the background is the photograph of the ladies playing in the water on a floating table.
Old sets, cards and tiles on display
Washing the tiles 
Kathi, Lecia and Stephanie enjoying the warm breeze outside.

Our view for the day 
Lecia in thought
All smiles for Beth, Chai, Lecia and Bonnie
An outstanding time was had by all

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