Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hand Dyed and Nuno Felted Vests

Planning and executing a nuno felted vest:

I dyed the silk a combo of yellow and orange.  I cut out a simple vest pattern using one pattern piece that will be seamed at the shoulders.  I laid out wool roving on the silk and then added recycled fabrics, old ties, silk hankies, vintage sari ribbons, and hand dyed silks.

Finished vest. 

Here's the next vest I did.  I started with some silk that I shibori dyed a few colors of green.  I cut out the silk using the same vest pattern which I tweaked a bit.  I laid out wool roving on the silk and then added various fabrics.  

This vest is so fun and so tactile.  It can be worn so many ways too.  Upside down, inside out, tied, really has a life of it's own.  It goes so well with my new chartreuse top that I just bought in Healdsburg during our summer trip to the wine country, where among other things, I had a blast canoeing down the Russian River with Joe, my brother Alan, sister-in-law Nancy and all our dogs.  Best dinner ever at a little restaurant called Scopa.  Hard to find the little place since the sign is almost non existent but it's right on the square.  You'll need reservations for sure.  

  This vest is a keeper and it is extra special since it includes a piece of the tie that my late husband Pete wore for our wedding.  Now I will be able to wear that near my heart.  


  1. I really enjoyed 'meeting' you on your blog which I linked up with from Claudia Graus' fb page. Lucky me!

    I enjoyed reading all about your vest making till I got to the last picture and I saw your heart! Tears at 8 in the morning is not what I expected today..

    I would love to meet with you and talk about how we can work together. I weave beads, crochet, make trim.

    Collaboration is Divine. I love the Creative Process as you do. 818-782-8929 After 6 in the morning. So looking forward to meeting you.