Monday, August 27, 2012

Felted scarves for fall

Before you know it the heat of summer will be behind us as we approach the cool days of fall.  A good time to wear a heavier scarf to keep warm but still look stylish.  My new felted scarves are all that and more. Made with more roving than silk and filled with goodies including repurposed clothing, these scarves are a textile collage. I've been scouring my own closet, Goodwill and similar thrift stores for just the right pieces to give a new lease on life...feels so good and right to me.  And what a home I've found in these scarves for all my UFOs (unfinished knitting objects).  I just cut them up and felt them in.  This is so much fun.

Look for me at Grau Haus on Sunday October 21st where I'll be teaching another nuno felting scarf workshop.  The first one there was a huge success so I'm coming back for more.  To find out more, go to my 'Events' page.

Selecting my Material:  roving, silks, sari ribbons, tussah silk, repurposed clothing, etc.

Laying out my design.  I did two layers of wool roving and then added by goodies.

Finished scarf/shawl.  The drape is amazing and as usual, it can be worn in so many different ways.

A fun and colorful scarf made with one layer of wool roving and lots of goodies.

Another two layer scarf that will go with everything since it contains various shades of blacks, browns, grays.

My boy Oliver looking out the door.

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