Monday, October 22, 2012

Felting Workshop at Grau Haus

Nuno Felting Workshop 
Beth Marx
at Grau Haus in Hollywood

Fun, fun, fun and really rewarding for all!!

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Beth demonstrating how to lay out wool roving

Covering up the work

Get the work wet using and a bit soapy

Beth demonstrating rolling by hand and then by feet.  

Beth demonstrating using a sander to agitate the felt

Barbara laying out her three samples
Kate designing her samples

Keep on rolling Kathy

Attagirl, Nohline, roll it with your feet.

Kate rolling 

Barabara laying out her scarf design

Kathy's scarf in process
Kate's gorgeous finished scarf

Beautiful scarf by Nohline

Gorgeous scarf by Barbara.  The yellow portion had previously been a hand knit open weave light weight scarf.

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