Saturday, October 13, 2012

What Goes Around Comes Around

What goes around comes around and I'm talking about joy here.  This past summer my artist friend Antoinette and I did an art exchange.  She taught me how to batik fabric and I taught her how to nuno felt.  Well say no more, Antoinette is now hooked on nuno felting and has already created numerous things including the most amazing coat I have ever seen.  A few weeks ago she was visiting her sister and 87 year old mom in Albuquerque and she taught them how to nuno felt.  Her mom is already a nuno felting maniac and has made three scarves in a week.  

Recently she wore her new purple nuno felted scarf to her Red Hat meeting and pandemonium almost broke out! One of women Venus held up the scarf and then modeled it beautifully draping it every which way as only nuno felt can do. Everyone examined it and wanted to know how it was made.  Several wanted to know if they would buy one.  

She's planning a fourth but won't tell Antoinette anything about it because she wants to make it without her daughter's help, advice, and input. Although according to Antoinette she did that pretty much on her last two.  She is the neatest lady, bright and creative and loving. 

 I am thrilled to be part of the process of learning, teaching, sharing, and seeing all the joy that comes from it.  This is it in spades.

Antoinette's mom wearing her latest creation.

Scarf made by Antoinette's mom

Antoinette felting at my house.

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