Tuesday, December 1, 2015


For the Thanksgiving weekend, Joe and I flew two hours from Long Beach to San Carlos which is the closest small airport to where my brother and family live in northern California. I'm so grateful for the quick transportation.

Thanksgiving is a wonderful and joyful holiday.  It's warmth and love and sharing not only a delicious meal but also some real quality time with family. 

I am thankful and grateful for my health, my life, my love, my family and friends. This year in particular has been terrific with me being able to retire from my 35 year career with Boeing.  I look forward to more time felting and traveling. 

 Joe and I bought the jeroboam of wine at Zuca Mesa Winery on our recent wine tasting weekend in Santa Ynez.  Once I spotted it at the winery, I knew it would be perfect to share at Thanksgiving. 

 My nephew Gabe and friend Clare made the delicious butternut squash soup from scratch.  They garnished each serving with creme fraiche and a sprig of fresh thyme.
 Such a delicious meal with all the trimmings.
 On Saturday we went shopping in nearby Burlingame.  And how cool and gratifying it was to stop in the local boutique that is carrying my felted wearables.  They had them so perfectly displayed.

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