Tuesday, December 8, 2015

How to Make a Nuno Felted Poncho

My newest design and creation is a pull over nuno felted seamless poncho with one armhole on a closed side and the other side completely open.  It's super comfy, easy to wear and one size fits most.  Wear it front to back or back to front or inside/out.  There is no right or wrong way! 

 The first thing I did was to gather all my materials.  I decided on my color palette of browns, turquoises and teals.  I repurposed some old silk clothing, various sari silks as well as fabrics from my stash.  To that I added some yarn, tussah silk and other odds and ends.
 I used a resist to lay out the fabric.  I made the resist larger to allow for about 35% shrinkage.  I first laid out pieces of the sari silk.  To that I added a thin layer of wool roving.
 On top of the layer of wool roving, I added the decorative fabrics including the cut up garments that I was repurposing.

 Here's the finished piece accessorized with one of my sterling and semi precious bead necklaces.

 The high collar can be folded over or worn high.

 Notice the buttons that were from the front of an old silk blouse that I eco printed in eucalyptus.
 I love to cut in some holes in amongst all the texture.
The flower is from a sheer fabric that included embroidery.  It felts in beautifully.


  1. Beth, beautiful piece as always!!!

  2. ANY Workshops in 2016????
    Perla Kopeloff

  3. The spring 2016 workshop is already filled. Thanks so much for your interest. I've added you to my listing for future workshops.