Sunday, December 20, 2015

It's a Jungle Out There

It's a jungle out there so why not wear a jungle inspired poncho to navigate this urban jungle of ours.  Feel powerful and fashionable at the same time!  

This is my latest design and creation.  It's a pull over nuno felted seamless poncho with a side gusset to make it swing with ease.  It has a high collar that can be smooched down and deep armholes with capped sleeves make it comfy for a one size fit's all.  Of course it can be worn back to front and it's reversible too.

I created my resist to include a side seam gusset to expand one side seam to form a swing shape.

Close up of the textiles before it was felted.
Along with merino wool roving I used new silk, vintage saris, repurposed textiles, yarn, tusseh silk, silk hankies and more to create this garment.  I love all the texture.

 Urban jungle armor

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