Monday, December 4, 2017

Holiday Show 2017

What a fun and fabulous weekend at Chemers Gallery in Tustin, CA and what an awesome turnout for this two day holiday event with 19 extraordinary artisans and a whole host of employees and helpers to make it run so smoothly.

Thank you friends for coming out to help make this event such a success. And a big thank you to Karen Raab who made it all possible along with her ever friendly, hard working and super helpful staff and helpers. And a pizza party afterwards to top it off. 

This was my second year doing this event at Chemers and I am so grateful to have been invited back since Chemers in a big name and known as an innovator in the Orange County arts scene.

It was my dear friend Susan Steel who advised me to call Karen, the owner of Chemers Gallery after she had visited the gallery a few months prior to the 2016 holiday event and talked me up to Karen.  I am forever grateful to you dear Susan.  

I am grateful for my customers and so touched at how beautifully you wear my felted garments.  Thank you and HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL.


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