Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Dyeing white silk and wool roving

And baby makes three.  Oh no, not me!  It's for my nephew and niece in law who are expecting a son, their first baby, in April.   I am so excited to become a great aunt for the first time too and super excited for my brother and sister-in-law to become first time grandparents.

For this project, I first dyed super fine merino wool roving and various types of silks, mainly 3 mm silk gauze and 5 mm silk habatoi with Dharma acid dyes.  I soaked the silk in the sink with a cup or so of white vinegar and enough water to cover.  I did not soak the roving since I did not want it to felt.  I added the vinegar to the wool roving later.  

I was careful not to agitate the wool roving when placing it in the jar with the dye liquid since I did not want to agitate it and felt it. I used a chop stick to push it down into the dye liquid.  For specifics on dyeing the silk and wool roving with acid dyes, click here.

Large steam pot used for the Ball jars
Jars are steamed

Dyed wool roving and silks
Baby blanket in process

Finished baby blanket, hat and booties.  Leather thongs used as accents.

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