Saturday, April 24, 2021

Organization and Management

How organized are you?  Is your studio in complete chaos making it difficult to get through any project or are you so anal that you cannot move forward unless every every tiny detail is in order?  I would call myself organized but in a casual sort of way.  I like to spread out and make a mess when I am creating.  But once I finish a project, I quickly clean up and am ready to start anew.  I have come up with a little system and although not earth shattering, it helps me to quickly clean up and to stay organized.  

As you know, when you felt you have lots of little left overs, like wool roving that cannot easily be put back into your larger ball.  You have pieces of silk that are small but that you certainly want to keep.  And maybe fully felted pieces that you've cut off to open up a resist.  Or little pieces of prefelt.  I have four containers, one for each of these items:  wool roving, fabric, fully felted pieces which make great inclusions in projects, and pieces of prefelt both commercial and my own.  Just separate what's what and voila, clean up is basically done.

Wool roving
Fabric pieces


Small pieces of prefelt
Fully felted pieces

There are so many benefits to being organized.  Read more about it here.

An old but true adage:  A place for everything and everything in its place.  

So you are not already doing it, get organized to help you better  manage yourself, your time and your stuff.

Metal pieces for resist dyeing

Rusty pipes for eco printing

Clothes pins for lots of things

Rocks are so handy for weighing things down

Foam brushes in one cup, large brushes in another cup, fabric markers in yet another cup.

Felting rollers and mats in one large bucket

So pretty to look at and terrific for shibori

Large scissors in one place and small ones in another place.

Even rubber bands have a home


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