Monday, February 18, 2013

Eco Printed Alabama Chanin dress

Here's the dress before it was eco printed.  Click HERE to see how it was made.

I really love the results of eco printed the dress with eucalyptus leaves.

 Here's the dress all bundled up with leaves and tied with cotton string.

My work space.

 I placed the leaves and folded it so I'd get a mirror image on the back.

Close up of the dress.


  1. Oh My GOOOOSSSSSHHHH! This is absolutely lovely. What an amazing job you did on this. Really. I am a huge Alabama Chanin fan (am desperately trying to get to one of their workshops!) and also love dyeing and you really created something wonderful. Well done!

  2. Lovely natural colours. I'm wondering how it was dyed...i know that pressing some leaves can leave a good natural plant dye imprint. Was it just the eucalyptus leaves?

  3. Lovely earth colours! Did the leaf print colours come from just the natural plant dye when wrapped tight....what mordant did you use if any? Or simply wrapped tight and boiled/simmered?? Which fabrics will it work on? You used wool jersey? about cotton jersey/T-shirt fabric?

  4. Hi Amelia, Sorry it has taken me so...oo long to reply. I finally got these Google comments working. Ugg. I used just eucalyptus leaves to do the printing. I added about 1 cup of white vinegar in my pot of water as the mordant which is fine to use with wool or silk. Cotton needs to be treated differently. I boiled the leaves in a big pot of water for 1 hour. I then added my bundle and simmered it for another hour. I then turned off the heat and let it sit in the pot for several days. And then voila!!