Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Eco Printed and Nuno Felted Seamless Vest

I created this nuno felted vest with fine merino roving and silk fabric.  It is totally seamless and no sewing was involved at all.  Once it was finished I bundle wrapped it with eucalyptus leaves and cooked it in a pot full more eucalyptus leaves and onion skins.  Looks great with a simple brown tee shirt. 

 The collar came out a luscious shade of dark brown which totally matches that of the tee shirt.  The prints of the eucalyptus range from subtle oranges to grays to browns.  This vest is luxuriously earthy and eco friendly.

 Close ups of all the textured silk fabric.

 Presto changeo..turn everything upside down and you have a completely different look.  Now the long vest is a little bolero  fastened with a vintage leaf pin. 

 When you wear it upside down, the collar is now the bottom of the back side of the bolero.  


  1. I love this....more eucalyptus leaves! like the previous dress last year. I think the natural colours work well with the 'armageddon' look! No sew!? Fantastic. I've briefly learnt felting, but i see you use a special cut sheet, as a pattern piece, called your 'resist', which apparently fuses the fabrics together when wet...?
    I like that it isn't just wool, but silks. Is it just wool and silk that the 'resist' paper work with?

  2. To say this is lovely work is such an understatement. How do you calculate the size/shape for the resist? I was thinking of having a friend trace me then add a percentage for shrinkage

  3. Thanks so much for the compliments on my work. You can purchase my Easy Peasy Calculation Sheet to help calculate shrinkage. See the link at the top of the page. Enjoy!