Saturday, April 7, 2012

More daffodils

 I picked up three bunches of daffodils at Trader Joe's yesterday and stuck them in a vase and put them on a pile of books on my coffee table.  The book on top was my Bungalows book so I thought a quote about home was apropos.  I processed this using the pastel processing techniques that I learned in Day 23 of Kim Klassen's Beyond Layers class.

Pastel processing

These are some images of spring flowers that I picked from my yard including lavender and one of my very first roses of the season along with some fresh ivy that grows like a weed on north the side of my house.  I used some of Kim Klassen's pastel processing techniques to get the soft shades of spring.

Original image
Reminds me of old Hollywood from the 40's

Original photo here, processed image above.

Original photo here, processed image above.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Mah Jongg Mania

Dear you hear the cheering, the screaming, the shouts of  Well it's akin to a holiday today, April 2, 2012 in that the new 2012 National Mah Jongg League card has arrived in the mail.    Seriously though, us faithful followers have been waiting for the new card and are so excited to start anew with fresh, exciting and challenging new hands.  Let the clacking begin with the new card.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sights along the way

I bought myself a new 85 mm f/1.8 lens for my Canon T2i camera.  I took it with me on our Sunday dog walk this morning to try it out and although I've overexposed most of these shots (and didn't enhance any of them) I think I'm going to love this lens.  It's fast, wide open and has a lot of capability. We walked to Jack Dunster Marine Biological Reserve which I call the magic park since it transcends me to a different time and place; it's on the back side of Marina Pacifica and about a 5 mile round trip walk.  Here are some shots along the way - all taken with the new lens.  

Long Beach, CA
Joe, Juma, Tucker and Oliver at the Colorado Lagoon

Close up of Joe - look at that cool bokeh

Soccer game in progress

Marine Stadium

Jack Dunster Marine Biological Reserve

Wild flowers 

Beth and Juma

Beth loving Juma

Joe and his buddy Tucker

A squirrel tormenting my dogs...or was it the other way around?

Tucker wading in the Colorado Lagoon

Fresh orange juice anyone?

Bird of Paradise

Trip to Dallas

Last weekend Joe and I flew commercially to Dallas for his niece Emily's wedding.  While there we visited the Six Floor Museum which is housed on the six floor of the former Book Depository Building where Oswald shot Kennedy.  The audio tour through the museum vividly brought back sad but bittersweet memories of that terrible November 22nd tragedy that happened over 48 years ago.  

Former Book Depository Building in Dallas

Sixth floor window where Oswald shot Kennedy

Joe on the Grassy Knoll
 Joe and Beth with Lynda and Joe's brother John (father of the bride) at the rehearsal dinner.

 Beth and Joe getting ready to enter the church for his niece's wedding in Dallas


Bottles, a photo by jpbeth on Flickr.
I took this photo at a fun, funky coffee house near where I live of three bottles on a ledge filled filled with spider plants. I used my new Canon 85mm f/1.8 lens. I made a photo college with a few different images of the bottles and changed the blend mode on a few of the layers. I added KK's Awaken and Paperlove textures and KK's brush "follow your bliss". I added a hue/saturation level and added a frame filled with a deep purple color using the dissolve blend mode. I duplicated it and changed the blend mode to multiply.

Spring Daffodils

Spring Daffodils by jpbeth
Spring Daffodils, a photo by jpbeth on Flickr.
A vase of fresh daffodils - that's a sure sign of the beginning of Spring. I used my brand new 85 mm lens to take this shot. I enhanced it with two layers of KK's new texture called Little Things. I added a subtle frame using a brownish color from the background.

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