Sunday, April 8, 2012

Japanese Maple

What is a Japanese Maple?
A Japanese Maple is an Eastern Asian shrub or small tree (Acer palmatum / Acer japonicum) widely cultivated for its decorative, deeply and palmately lobed, often reddish foliage. Furthermore, it is an ornamental shrub or small tree of Japan and Korea with deeply incised leaves, cultivated in many varieties.

The Inspiration
The Japanese Maple has an essence of grace, beauty, tastefulness, elegance, mood and feeling, with its horizontal branches and space.  These trees attract many people, not only for its brilliant fall color, but also for their leaf shape, texture, delicacy, and as a four season tree.  These trees sing seasonal songs through out the year. Their buds swell and anticipate new fresh leaves unfolding in spring.  They bring a cool feeling with bright green color in summer.  The Japanese Maple produces outstanding color in fall and in the winter, they become naked showing everything from old wounds to the beautiful movement of the tree along with a winter silhouette.

By the wind storm's blast
From Mimuro's mountain slopes
Maple’s leaves are torn,
Which turn Tatsuta River
Into a rich brocade.
- Monk Noin

This is the original version.  My enhanced, i.e. Photoshop version is above.

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